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Boozhoo! Biindigen!

(Hello! Come in!)

I am far behind the proverbial curve when it comes to keeping up with technology. Living life is getting in the way of documenting it. So - I have tried to upload some newer items (April 2013) But I know much has happened between now and when I last uploaded...I can't even figure out HOW to add new photos today!

In a nutshell... stay tuned. :) I'll try to get back more frequently to update but I probably need to grade some exams first.

My CDs are available at

Oshkii Giizhik Singers' CDs are available at

If you have recently been to a performance, Miigwech (thank you)! I think there are a bunch of music sites carrying tracks. I don't know how that works, but if you'd like to support me or my groups please buy the CD from CDBaby. I don't think I get paid from the other sites. And miigwech (thanks) for your support.

I've included some of the tracks off of my CDs here. Some more of my "other" performance styles to come soon! (Opera, Jazz, Blues, folk recordings...) There is a cool concert coming up June 8 @ Hamline University with Bobb Fantauzzo & combo. NATIVE JAZZ coming soon!!

HEY! The Tappet Brothers from CAR TALK played "Rez Car" on their show! I LOVE THEM